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About H.O. Foose Tinsmithing Co.

H.O. Foose has been an integral part of the cookie cutter world since the 1970s. You could say that they were there at the very beginning! The beginning involved Horman developing a love for tinsmithing as a hobby. He enjoyed making household items such as pierced tin lampshades, chandeliers, etc. He and his wife Maria took their craft on the road and attended county fairs and craft shows all over the country.

Eventually his tinsmith skill led him to making cookie cutters. Horman's goal for cookie cutters was to make them simply enough that you would know what the cookie was without decorating it. Even today, that is an honorable goal. Making simple cookie cutters for ordinary people to bake and make memories. No decorating degree needed.

We at Cookiecutter.com feel honored that the Foose family chose us to carry on the handcrafted trade of making cookie cutters. We have been a business associate with them from our beginning. So with great joy, and from one family business to another, we intend on building what the Foose family started back in the 1970s and make it even more amazing. You can count on us to provide the excellent customer service that we are known for. We are always just a phone call or email away.

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